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Expansion after expansion after expansion after expansion brawler mobs continually pop up that completely destroy scout dps until we complain about them and they get changed. I haven't complained about General Teku yet because I thought, "Well with reforging now, I can clearly just reforge to 100% accuracy/strikethrough and it won't be a big deal." But no. After reforging to 100% accuracy/strikethrough I still can't even remotely keep up with the mages. They're still doubling my dps. Beastlords get especially screwed on this point because our pets don't even share melee stats, so while I'm sitting at a ~70% hit rate with 100% (procs to 105% each) accuracy/strikethrough (as opposed to 40-50% with 20 accuracy/3 strikethrough) my pet is still only hitting less than 20% of the time.

Just stop putting brawler mobs in game unless you're going to completely revamp the hit rate system so there's a stat we can obtain that actually works. Even if it is amusing to watch mages do 600-700k+ dps while I'm doing less than 300k (and more often than not, less than 200k), it gets old after awhile. If Plane of War is still going to be relevant content in the next expansion, this definitely needs to be fixed. Really, it should still be fixed anyway.

How bad do I have to be that I can't hit a GIANT war wraith with any of my 11 arrows fired? I must be the worst archer in the history of Norrath.

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