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1)  Agility is THE stat for brigands now.  Before the latest expansion, which came with the stat consolidations, the answer would have been different.  (Strength was our dps stat with Intelligence being our poison proc damage stat.)  But from now on, +Agi is king.  All bonuses from +Str and +Int are basically worthless.  Though technically Str does increase your carrying capacity.

2)  Any old AA guides may no longer apply.  Since the minimum stat requirements for the Rogue AA tree were removed, it's caused some people to re-examine things.  The same goes for the additional AA options added with the latest expansion.

If you want an up to date guide, I'd suggest that you poke around EQ2 Flames for more current information.  Or just ask us on this board.

3)  Walk the Plant (WtP) is a very powerful ability.  I find that with about 6 ranks in that ability, I can get off x3 rear attacks even when experiencing a bit of lag.  Though when you're lag free, 5 ranks should be enough.

However WtP isn't the end all goal of a Brigand.  It's something that I would suggest that every Brigand starts with, but you need to diversify.  Your next main goal is to start investing points into the Strength tree to max out the +Crit  ability.  Criting is very important as a scout, especially at lower levels when you don't have 100% Critical from your gear.  (To get to the Critical ability, just fill the prior abilities with the minimum 4 ranks in each slot.)

After you max out the +Crit stat, then it's really up to you.  It would probably be best to either start on the Brigand tree abilities or to work toward the end line ability of the Agility tree (in addition to maxing out the Avast Ye rear damage proc). 

I personally use the Strength and Agility trees on my Brigand for my soloing AA spec.  (Having a Mirror of Reflected Achievements should be a priority as you start to get to your mid to upper levels.)  Then once you hit 70th level, I add in the Intelligence tree for the end line ability of Feign Death.  It's a very powerful soloing tool.

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