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I'm new to the brigand class, level 14 atm,  and have some questions which  I'm hoping the better of you can help steer me in the right direction.

----   Q1 --------

The general brigand guide at the very top of this forum says:

"Strength.  Our DPS stat, most important.  Wer'e there to do damage, this stat is the key."

However the Ratius raiding guide says:

"Agility - primary stat, more agility means more damage, and there's no cap for tier 9.   Look for agi now not str.

These contridict each other, which is the most important for generating the most damage? Which is best for leveling, and general questing?

--------  Q2 ----------

The general brigand guide at the very top of this forum says:

AA's much to add, a very comprehensive write up by Rokjin, good job.

however... this Link does not resolve, its Dead. Is there a new Link?

------    Q3 -----------

I'm looking for a PVE/Leveling guide fo how to spend AA points as I get them.  Such as, at 20 AA points you want this config, at level 40 you should have these.

right now I have 5 points in walk the plank, should this be taken to 10? where should I put my next 20 points?


thats it...and thanks for helping a new brigand out.

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