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When these races first came out I really struggled for the first few times. Once the course is mastered though you do learn a few minor shortcuts and not to obsessively go through *every turbo*, as sometimes you are travelling out of your way to actually get them, slowing you down a little in the process. Memorise where the lightning bolts or other bad stuff is, and remember not to get caught out by them. Usually theres some leeway for you to catch a couple, and still finish with a winnable time, but try and memorise where they are and learn to avoid them entirely. Frame rate / lag issues are important, so you'll want to give yourself the best chance you possibly can by going full screen (i.e. non-windowed mode - press ALT and ENTER together to toggle full screen mode). Turn off the UI also, ignore your friends and guildies for a couple of minutes, and it helps not to get distracted by chat channels too hehe. Also try using first person so you don't see yourself and your ride, and see through your characters eyes instead, I find that can make a big difference too, might seem odd at first, but give it a go. Extreme performance is obviously the one to go for to give you the best chance of your computer not stuttering. Thats not to say it can't be done without doing all this, but give yourself a better chance, instead of spending hours on end to no avail. Also, unless something has recently changed, the purple crash disc only comes from an SOE Customer Service Rep activated Aether Race, not the regular Festival Aether races (just in case you didn't realise). Keep an eye out for level chat to look out for those being activated, I've seen them going a couple of times on weekends, usually in Thundering Steppes. The green crash discs are activated by Volunteer Guides, and the gold disc comes from SOE Community Relations Representative activated tracks. Again, as far as I know, usually the Thundering Steppes. I've managed to participate in all 3 types, so they exist. Finally, in case you haven't seen it, here's ZAM's great Aether Race guide page... Hope that helps!

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