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For a month or so I have been having what I think are graphic problems. It doesnt happen often , but seems to be happening more often.   I go upto a door and click on it, it doesnt open. I can just walk through it. When this happens, I know I'm going to have the combat graphic issues when I go out to start fighting. And I do. It happens in all zones. And with every mob.

 When I attack a mob, usually ranged first, it doesn't move. It stays in place and fights me, but I am not there, I am still in my original position. Usually , towards the end of the fight, it will "slide, glide" to me, where I continue to melee it till dead.  I often have trouble looting as the corpse is " too far away" eventhough it is at my feet.  Or if I am not by the mob when I kill it,  I wait and it will usually "slide,glide" to my position, then I can loot it.   Twice I have updated my video card. Nvidia Gt545 is my card, system is brand new Alienware I bought in July 2012, windows 7, 64 bit.  I updated video card last night. Logged back in and all seemed fine.  I logged on this morning and I am having these issues again.

I play a berzerker, solo mostly and mass ae , you cant imagine how crazy it is to try to fight like this with mobs not moving, sliding and gliding and stuff. Also, I wasnt able to target an NPC in Sundered frontier today. That spirit in the petrified badlands just kept walkingI couldn't hail him, said I was too far away LOL.. 

I have used the advanced tools before logging in to update all the game files a couple times.  That seemed to fix it the first time. But that hasnt fixed it the last couple times Ive done it.  Obviously I'm not very computer savvy, so any help would be appreciated.  Sorry I dont know the correct terminology to make this easier.  Thank you for any help you can suggest.

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