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Here is my feedback:

First a little about what I had completed and how.  Believe I have completed all of the quests in Obol Plains, along with most of the quests in EJ (at the point of running the Heroic instances).  I had completed the solo instances for Temple of Faceless, Throne of Fear, Dreadcutter, and Deathtoll Tower.  I did a ST Contested run for an hour or so, killing down to the final floor where the x2 is, and killing most named along the way.

I had used a mercenary for most of EJ quests, and solo zones, as the mobs were buggy and seemed tougher than in OP, but in OP I was mostly solo.

I did use xp potions for a good duration of the time to balance out using a merc.

Results:  I am level 93.5.  I do not believe I have many more quests in EJ to go, so it seems that even with xp pots, and a contested run, and running a good amount of solo instances, I have 1.5 levels to go which can be made from repeated solo runs, group instances, and grinds.

This is for the Devs to respond to on how they feel the quest xp is.  Should it get us 1.5 levels or close to and then we need to rely on other areas to make up the remainder, even grinding dungeons/instances?  Hope the feedback helps.

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