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Crafting refined items

What cannot be refined:

  • Handcrafted items
  • House items
  • Spells
  • Tinkered stuff & Ornaments
  • consumables (arrows, food, potions)

What can be refined:

  • Mastercrafted items using roots, pelts, wood, hard ore, soft ore and gem as a rare
  • Weapons, Shields, Jewelry, Armor
  • Heroic and Raid Tradeskill assistant items
  • note: currently, a refined item cannot be imbued or blessed or experimented upon.

What does refining:

  • Refining adds 10% to every green and blue stats of your weapon/armor/jewel
  • It doesn't change the weapon damage nor the armor rate
  • the following stats won't be affected by reforging: weapon skill, disruption, subjugation

Bugs :

  • You need to manually choose the fuel, by clicking "choose" and then selecting, for example, "sparkling filament [refined]". It does the same if you try to imbue/bless a refined item.
  • Linking a refined item gives the not-refined link
  • Opening a refined item examine window closes a not-refine item examine window
  • Imbuing or blessing a refined item loses the refining applied
  • T2 refining doesn't add anything to 1H weapons and probably to nothing but 2 handers. Why not add a tad bit of stat boost?
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