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I obtained a purified bubinga lumber from Krystalea and made a bubinga buckler using it, and then made one with a normal bubinga lumber.

The blue stats vary slightly when I examine them, but there's no difference in name and such, so it can be hard to tell at a glance which ones are using refined material.

Bubinga buckler  (using normal bubinga)

  • 27.9% multi attack chance
  • 17.8 spell weapon multi attack chance
  • 35.2% crit chance
  • 6.5% crit bonus
  • 6.5% potency

Bubinga buckler  (using purified (refined) bubinga)

  • 30.7% multi attack chance
  • 19.6 spell weapon multi attack chance
  • 38.7% crit chance
  • 7.2% crit bonus
  • 7.2% potency

Also, since they share the same item name, you can't have examine windows open for both, side-by-side ... you close examine on one to open examine on the other

I'd love to see results from other people's testing using refined materials!

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