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JoarAddam wrote:

When the level cap comes in november, a lot more people will be doing the september Raid zone.  It happens every time a cap is raised, the raid zones, and the loot, become more available to a wider base...  sounds like perfect sense to me.  Sure level 95 stuff will be better, but if you think you're walking into 95 raid zones with WL and Heroic Skyshrine gear, you got another think coming.

I would be shocked if you can't walk in day 1 and kill level 95 raid zones wearing SS EM gear.  The same has been true in every other expansion.

Its like if they released UD a month before DoV came out, almost no one would see it or use it.  It would be better due to how close the zone is being released to a level increase, to just hold the zone and itemize it to 95, since then it will be relevant for more than 2 months 1.5 months.

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