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As it stands now it more beneficial for an SK to simply spec both conversion lines for DPS. The AOE endline is too dependant on there "always" being adds around to get extra Stacks for the proc / Stack.

Right Side:

The base AOE itself can be good with 3 points and 2-3 points in the initial damage boost. However, it still does less damage overall than our blues that have DoT's, and might do even less dps than Tap Veins.

It is simply not desirable beyond very short burst DPS (aka Trash mobs, yay!). As you get more gear, the conversion will just continue to do better for sustainable dps.

Left side:

The left side ability is pretty much crap all around, damage wise, and healing wise. The only perks are the very short damage reduction and/or the group cure/heal addition. Obviously the short damage redux is very useful, but more for a single target tanking situation (not really what I see our class for, but flexible to do it...)

However grabbing the dmg redux fully (3 points / 90% redux), you wouldn't be able to get the right-side conversion (not a big loss). The potency conversion is much better, especially if you factor in using Recklessness on easier content/fights.

There is almost NO incentive to simply just max out one side or the other though.- The extra time on Furor is neat, but not really that much of a game changer. It's only blocking autoattacks... And another thing is Furor is one of our bigger DPS boosts (spell damage increase), but it's still a defensive ability.- The double stacks on the right side isn't even remotely worth it. The recast is fast on the AoE, the extra stacks aren't really going to be used in that much content, again except for burst dps scenarios. Even on nameds with adds, they're not gonna be up all the time. I can see group content cause Reap to do more DPS, but I feel the ability should just be changed. More damage?

My true suggestion for Reaper's Mist:The "Reap" proc should trigger on our AOEs and on all targets. If you want to give us AOE boost damage, this is how it should be. Let it Stack up to 5-6 instead, and let our AOEs trigger Reap on all targets.

And yes, Bloodletter should be castable in-combat, or for a short duration after being rezzed (if the reuse is up obviously).


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