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Hi everyone,

As we excitedly announced last week, we are getting new forums for EverQuest II! One part of this transition to the new forum system is making some changes to the current forum structure.

Our official forums serve many purposes. They’re a place for our players to gather, chat, and make friends. Players socialize, build community, share stories and screenshots, and much more. The forums are also a place for SOE and the EQII team to share big news and exciting announcements. We use these forums to ask questions and to gather important feedback from you, our players, on anything and everything that’s happening in the world of Norrath.

While our current forum structure has served all these purposes to a certain extent, it has room for improvement – and that’s what we’re doing! We’re restructuring the forums in order to improve communications.   

By having well-organized forums, we’re able to better participate in dialogue with you, and it’s easier for you to talk to one another.  We’re hoping to accomplish this is by consolidating a number of the forums as well as reorganizing where certain topics are housed.

We’re very excited for this upcoming change! Below we have provided a preview of how the forums will be structured when they go live on Friday, November 9th. Understand that these forums are part of an evolutionary process. Going forward, we will make adjustments if or when it is necessary for our game and our community.

Thanks! Looking forward to Friday!



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