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-if the reflect is like LC, i think its gonna be good for pvp only. I like the ability, and if the reflect damage/triggers are tuned it will be a good ability to use consistently. 

-The additional time added to stonewall is great!

- Faith's aura is ok, seems like a good situational ability, havent been able to test it enough to give a full opinion.

-Faithful retaliation looks good, but doesnt do anywhere near enough damage to be considered. 

Thought: Why not make all of the left side abilities purely defense focused? I like this side more than the other side, but it just seems like both sides of the prestige tree are kind of a wash at the moment, when one should give the dps/utility and the other should give the defensive abilities. I feel like its a good start though! 


- The stamina bonus is pretty large, seems good I guess. 

-The passive power gain is really situational, I can see it being good in a group, but in a raid I can only see it being good in some last ditch effort kind of situation. Kind of hard to test it, but thats my first impression of it.

Thoughts: cool I guess, aside from the power gain pretty run of the mill.


-Divine territory is an awesome idea, shame I need to spend points in the bad side of the prestige line to use it. 

- aura of justice gives me like 12 more dps when I max out points in it. no thanks.

- the passive reactive seems nice for grouping I guess? I dont see much use for it.

- Harbringer is cool I guess, doesnt feel like its doing damage worth its compromise in the prestige tree though. Needs tuning.

Thoughts: This whole side needs tuning, 12 dps isnt really considerable, and this side isnt even as remotely useful as the other side, not to mention what already has been, but forcing us to use only one side of the tree seems lame. We can either get a save/reflect and a stoneskin and 35% damage reduction, OR a damage trigger on LoH an AE that doesnt hit enough targets with a single target ability that doesnt hit hard enough. Thats the balance of options as I see it currently. Try to balance these out, and if you could take the OPs advice and unlink these trees!


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