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OK, after getting in and taking a proper look at the trees; more importantly how they are set brings one worrying concern.

On the Faith Tree there is "no real need" to maximise everything; if this is intentional so we can go down the middle tree for max health and power trigger then fine and dandy but it does seem that due to the numbers/situation either herioc, raid or even solo we are just going to take the "path of the least resistance" to get the endline and then either go for the middle line - or look at 91-92 Prestigues.

We can spend THREE prestigue points to reduce faith from 0.75s to instant.

Now, instant is nice; I cannot deny this but at the same time 0.75s is not an eternity either; given the extremely short duration we are dealing with it will *not* be used as an "oh "fishcakes" moment; but as a timed and planned damage spike prevention; as far as I can see the *only* reason to maximise this ability is to stop it being interupted.

I'll say again tho.. the reflect never works - its either too powerful (nerf) or worthless damage (LC). If we are giving "a portion" of our reflect to our priests and as a damage proc to our group then it needs to work or you just give up with the entire thing and either include a damage shield or enhance the group/faith in another way.

EDIT: we like the short term damage immunity we just fear the reflect damage and all abilities which stem from it are going to be sidelined into "Torrent of Rime" territory.

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