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[email protected] wrote:

Previously we could spec:

3 ranks in Arbiter of Justice3 ranks in Salwart Aura

and BOTH Smite Infidel AND Divine Knight's Armour would be unlocked allowing us to place points down one side (to the endline) or to have a more balanced approach and spec both sides.

Is this still the case?... or do we *have* to spec:

3 ranks in Faithful Protection3 ranks in Salwart Aura

To unlock Divine Knight's armour?

You can still spend 6 points as you mentioned above, but you must choose between Smite Infidel OR Divine Knights Armor. If you want to get the other one too, you have to spend another 6 points in those starter skills.

Smite Infidel and Divine Knights Armor each need 6 points spend in those abilities, so 12 for both SMILEY.

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