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Zealous Defender

Adding 3 Points in it (passive increase of health gained from stamina by 102) increased my hitpoints by 5k from 61k to 66k


3 Points spend lowers recast down to 1 min 15 sec, so its nice. But 3 sec duration? Gotta have to time incoming AEs pretty good.

Divine Faith

3 points spend lower the cast time to zero, so its making it instant -> nice

Divine Territory

As Maergoth pinted out: cool idea, but lacks the damage imo. Even with full stacks of increments, its unmodified by pot, crit or cb and hits for 5-6k per target..very lame in its current state.

Up the recast and let it be modified by our stats. Also 6 targets only is a bit low, why not 8 like our other AEs at least?

Also blocking the cross spec to put at least one point in Smite Infidel but using entire tanking line (left side) is kinda weird. Now you have to put another 6 points into the first abilities just to be able to pick Smite Infidel too. So its a totally either or choice. And switching to recklessness (in tanking prestige setup) without changing the entire prestige setup is not effective.

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