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Ok let me clarify the problem with this post first, Faith is not modifiable EXCEPT by the prestige points, by putting 3 points into it, the reuse is 1:15 (75s), which is not bad, same thing with the points that modify cast, its 0.75, which is just a tad long, 1-2pts to make it 0.25-0.5 which is good enough, 3 makes it insta, but I don't think thats needed, I like this ability a lot.

The hp increase is basically 1 extra hp per sta with 3 points into it, so basically you get extra hp based on how much sta you have (5k sta = 5k hp extra), so this will scale with gear, doesn't seem too terrible.

I agree with the 8% reflect (or 24% with 3 pts) being a bit strange, it's not particularly useful I think, it should be something diffrent, right now I don't have any specific suggestions, maybe make it raidwide for priests (might be a tad OP), or maybe each point should increase the duration a tad, 0.3-0.5 per pt would be ok I think.

The 4s on stonewall is nice, although I think it should also remove the shield requirement, I know this sounds strange but it's very annoying to lose a save because you use a 2h, SKs don't get this handicap because their temp is reposte/parry, just a random suggestion.

As to the power one, I kinda agree with maergoth, being an active thing would make it a bit more useful, it can also be a group utility thing, which would be nice I think, or maybe you know what? A spell combat mastery everyone used to talk about so much, or perhaps an encounter snap some of us think would be useful!

Okay let me step away from all this wishful thinking, better not get my hopes up too much with soe giving paladins uber utility. As for the dps side, the dps/haste buff is pretty pathetic, as far as I noticed it stacks up to 6 times, which makes it 12 of each, or 24 with 3 points into aura of justice, it should be at least groupwide with those sad numbers.

The end, pls reply.

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