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Are the stats on the mastercrafted gear finalized?

As of 11/3, mastercrafted gear is worse on almost every level, than ever the quest gear.
Compare MC BP vs quest reward
The MC gear is significantly lower on potency (over 100 on the BP) and lower on almost every others stat as well, except for resolve.

I understand and expect the MC gear to be inferior to T2 and perhaps even T1 heroic gear, but I don't understand why it is inferior to all quested and dropped gear except for the single resolve stat.

If these are the final stats... well.. it makes MC gear inferior in solo content and mere placeholder for decent gear if you're short on resolve for group content. Any toon with a full set of MC gear will be extremely low on potency and other stats, making their.. contributions... in group content limited.
It just seems like a lot of effort to get the recipes for something that, by design, has extremely limited use.
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