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I really like this post Wurm. Thank you.

It is overwhelming in a game that has years' worth of content. It is more overwhelming when folks allow themselves to be overwhelmed if they think about the six hundred alts they feel they HAVE to do stuff for. I get like this at the start of an expansion, but it is temporary!

As you play, you do things for your characters, you get those HQs done, you get those languages done (I mean, who likes a mob talking "smack" about your lineage and not know what they are saying? BigGrin ) Maybe you even randomly help someone out as you move about the zones.

Before you know it, you accomplish the things that are fun and that you feel you want to get done. The rest? Well the rest gets done after that or when you feel like it.

I get where you are coming from OP I just disagree because as the days roll forward, it won't be so overwhelming. Have fun, it's what it comes down to!
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