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This update should occur around 6pm PST.





The options for the autoattack bar feature have been moved.  You can now enable / disable this feature under User Interface – Game Windows – Show The Autoattack Timing Bar.

Fixed an issue with the age slider for male / female humans.

Fixed some customization issues with Darkelves.

Fixed an issue with skirts on humans and elves.





Ninnie Tarbelly in Neriak now properly sells food to evil characters.


Plane of War x4 Raid

Hailing Teku’s adds will no longer stop them from running towards the Rallos fight.


City of Freeport

Vhishall, Freeport furniture merchant, now offers a selection of paintings for those that have completed particular quests in the city of Freeport.




Many Skyshrine, Drunder and Plane of War Brawler weapons have been adjusted to have matching delays.

Stalwart Mask of Glowing Bloodmetal again has one red adornment slot and one white adornment slot.

Forceful Planar Ettin Toe again has one red adornment slot and one white adornment slot.




A Mysterious Trinket - Zoning out of Baker Voleen's Storeroom now properly lands the player in Qeynos Capitol District.

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