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Is it just SK's?  Just Fighters?  Or everyone? Okay here is what I have discovered.  I have 18 points of self haste due to AA's.  I have the Amulet of the Foresworn which has 23 Haste.  And then I just bought the +20 haste adornment for my Dragon Bone Axe (delay 1.5).  With just my AA's of course, its 18 points of haste.  Then I put on the amulet, + 23 is 41.  Then put on the adorned Dragon Bone Axe and it doesn't change.  That would allude to that the Adornment doesn't stack with the item haste.  However, back to just AA hasted, put on the axe and I have 38.  Then put on the amulet and BAM I have 41 points of haste.  This indicates that either A a bug, or B a limit to self haste.  Has anyone else discovered this? *Edit* Casting Swiftaxe at +26 points of haste adds 26 points of haste.  Whats going on here?!

i have had very high haste on my ranger chekc this out: we had a zerker, my buffs and 2 bards in the group.


HAH you should see a monks haste. Was grouped with a monk once on my illy. Was me monk and troub (plus other non hasters). The monk had 200+ haste. (of corse with deminishing returns it means nothing but still).
yeah i know but still
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