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So just some tweaks I and I am sure many other Rangers would like to see.

  • Remove minimum range from all of our abilities, including our bow autoattack (the mythical weapon has a 0-40m range), and increase the maximum range to all of our Melee based CAs to 10 or 15 meters. I would imagine they could easily add this bonus to our Extension AA ability. Minimum range I wouldn't have a problem with if they were more consistent with their hitboxes.
  • Change Double Arrow to 10-15% Flurry or something unique like 5-10% AE Multiattack. This would just have the same problem later on when we get ae auto and flurry maxed out. Needs to be percent based what ever it is, even if they changed it to increase multi attack by 8% of our base.
  • Lower cast times slightly on some of our CAs Ranged CA's really need to be brought down in casting times I agree.
  • Change the Hawk Attack to give the hawk a lot more HP and to basically Intervene 25-50% of the time on incoming damage to the Ranger, or group. Basically like a flying ward. Not a fan of this one, wards aren't a ranger thing. If i were to change hawk it would be to siphon raid wide hate from all non-fighters while not being able to steal aggro due to this massive siphon.
  • Lower the cast time on Thorny Trap by 1s, increase the damage it does drastically and add a DoT effect to it. It is after all a long recast. This would be nice i guess but wouldn't solve any problems we have.
  • Add 5-10% Flurry and AE autoattack to the Focus Aim buff, both to the Ranger and the group. Again same as the double arrow idea, soon as those stats start being capped more it will be useless/much less desirable. Outside of the damage proc we are already getting I would like it to proc some kind of special, guaranteed strikethrough for all attacks. Usually called 'True Strike' ranger-like classes.
  • The first point on minimum range removal was also for PVP purposes since that is my main focus. And hitboxes on some mobs are very strange.
  • Fair enough to all of your points. I agree with percent based increases on our current stats, it would make it so it is really never outdated.I guess giving us more stats that will be capped is kind of silly. However, there is no AE Multiattack in game currently, at the very least they could introduce this stat to the ranger exclusively to begin with.
  • 5% damage increase, 25-50% strikethrough on Focus Aim, have it last longer and be raidwide.
  • Change Makeshift Arrow to an Until Cancelled buff without a trigger count. Add an effect called "Shattered Fragments" (or something lol) Which has a percent chance to proc 50% of the damage caused by Makeshift Arrow in a 10m radius with a DoT effect after the initial damage.
  • Change Double Arrow to an effect that ALWAYS triggers a focus damage effect equal to the damage of your autoattack. Only triggers one time, not off of multiattacks. IE: So you hit for 50k autoattack, Double Arrow hits for 50k, then the rest of your multiattacks/flurry go off.
  • Hookshot, pulls the enemy to you and causes high piercing damage. The attack is guaranteed to hit and the next attack made will crit and do 10% more damage. Possible increase to recast time as it would actually be a good attack.
  • Hawk Attack, siphons 25% of the raidwide hate to the fighter with the highest current hate position.

And then give feedback on what they do. I don't want them thinking its our possibly unreasonable ideas or nothing.

- Leaving it to their discretion completely has gotten the class where it currently is.. so I would rather propose ideas.


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