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First let me say I love the windows and alchemist's items.  Thanks very much for putting crafted windows into the game. 

I understand that different styles appeal to different people and what I may like someone else may hate and vice versa, but the quality/appearance of house items in general seems to be declining.  At least for non-marketplace house items. 

For a time wood and various textures used seemed to be getting a nicer, smoother, more polished look than previous tiers.    Now they seem to be going backwards.  An example is the Ancient Elven Stool in the Grandmaster Carpenter's Basic Compendium, Volume IV.  It's a very, very nice stool as far as style goes, but why pair that nice trim and cushion with that weather-beaten wood texture? 

I'd love to see some new wood finishes that look as nice and polished as sumac furniture, but in other shades.  Light oak and dark mahogany colors would be nice to see. I'd also like to see some other stone and brick patterns.  Brown, copper, and red stones and bricks instead of just shades of grey would be nice. 


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