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I created an Iksar Necromancer about 6 years ago. I then decided that I would rather want to play a conjuror and so did the betrayal quest line very early on. No race changes existed then, so Iksar it was. I love the character and have no intention of changing his race.

Recently I tried to do the Iksar racial quest. I was informed by SOE in order to speak with Zulk Veskk and perform the racial Iksar racial quests, I will need to be evil aligned. Since the Iskar are not able to be created as a good aligned character, there is no racial quests available for them anywhere but Freeport and this is an intended function of the game. While this may seem a little strange, it was simply a decision that was made by the Development Team.

One would hope that this would be reconsidered and the quest made available to the Iksar race.


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