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I've got a Troll Inquisitor, and now that she's raid-worthy I've decided she needs a home. She is butt...ugly. BUT, she thinks she's soooo sexy. She's got these huge ears, and a long nose and chin, a big nasty mouth, and these red dred locks hanging down her face. And she wears a white lotus GI to show as much of her green-brown skin as possible, because she knows she's hot

Anyways, I need a home for her. I'm thinking feminine-like (well as feminine as a Troll can be anyways). Comfy, cushy. I'm also thinking of building a "red room of pain" (anyone who's read 50 shade of grey will know what I'm talking about), so she needs a play room. Give me some good ideas of which house I should choose! Either one of the regular houses in game, or the prestige homes is also a possibility.

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