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Abbis wrote:

I am having the same proble. I am unable to select another account.

the Station Launcher keeps bringing up my first account, and wont let me access my second act.

It seems to be automatically loading the game instead of stopping on that screen and waiting for me to select which account I want to play on , or, since i have 2 screens, two boxing.

please get this fixed.

Abbis no offese but that was not the problem I was referring to.  I was referring to the fact that on the forums under My Profile you used to be able to change what character you posted as ie [email protected]'lere or [email protected]  With the recent what ever has happened that is no longer possible.  I only clarify because I don't think you'll find the help you need here on this board since it's referring to Forum and you're problem is with the game.  Maybe technical support can help you.  I know others have had the same problem you're referring too so hopefully a fix is on the way.

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