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I got my Platium Pass in the mail today, rather than being excited about it, I'm extremely disappointed.

The original impression was that PP holders would get a special sign-in line to pick up their badges at the con, which suited me fine because of my own personal plans. The recent change to mailing the passes presented a crisis which caused me additional effort I shouldn't have had to expend.

The first was responding to "IMPORTANT Information About Your SOE Fan Faire Platinum Pass!", an email I recieved on the 20th. I responded to it immediately, and recieved a response the next day, which is fine in terms of speed:

"You can also get your pass onsite should you not receive it in the mail."

Which is fine, except since folks from previous Fan Faires have said that such replacements came in the form of printed labels, or in at least one case, a handwritten reciept, it didn't seem like all that great a compromise. Part of the perk of the PP is wearing a nice lamiated badge. Also, I would anticipate problems not just getting a reprint badge, but running into dificulties getting into events with it (in my experience, such exceptions cause problems with the event organizers, since they don't expect to see deviations in the badges). Perhaps that isn't the case, but it represents a concern for something I'd rather avoid.

Ashlanne posted on the 21st that people who did not want their passes mailed (which was the original conditions people purchased their passes under, keep in mind) could PM her. Which I did immediately. The cut-off date for those requests was the 23rd.

And yet my pass was mailed anyway.

Now, I recieved my pass at the last possible opportunity for mail to reach me, which means that many other people aren't getting theirs in time. It isn't also the conditions I purchased my pass under, nor what I made every effort to follow instructions to make sure didn't happen. Other people won't be lucky and beat the postal lottery like I did. I can only guess as to whether it'll be organized as well when folks attempt to pick up their passes at the Faire, whether they specifically requested them to not be mailed or not.

I'm very unhappy with the way the siutation developed and the way it's been handled. So far, my impression of this "premium" pass has been nothing but hassle for me and other people in my party. And the Fair hasn't even started yet.

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