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Yes but you are looking at it from one side, autoattack - FOR SOME CLASSES- is fine. Melee priests not at all.

However, that is not the point. I miss autoattacks all the time on casters, yet I have not seen a resist in forever in PVP. You want balance? If casters can dodge my attacks like they do, or take as much damage as they do... why can I not resist ANY spells even with like 50k in each resist catagory?

Spell damage is way out of whack.

So lets tally it up:


  • Melee auto attacks can be avoided by casters
  • Ranged auto attacks can be avoided by casters
  • Combat arts can be avoided by casters.
  • Autoattacks don't do much damage anymore, especially for priests.
  • Flurry is greatly nerfed in PVP
  • Multiattack is greatly nerfed in PVP
  • Potency doesn't affect CAs nearly as much as spells, except for Predators.


  • Spells have been unresistable for quite a long time.
  • Have a huge return on potency.
  • Casting times are a thing of the past for the most part.
  • Have ranged autoattack without ammo consumption.
  • Double cast doesn't work in PVP.
  • Ranged autoattack for casters doesn't do much damage.

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