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Gravy wrote:

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Excessive sources of easily obtained plat also need to be removed, to address mudflation.

Why is inflation bad in a MMO?

In the real world there are lots of logistic problems like needing a wheelbarrow of paper money to buy a loaf of bread or printing new currency with lots of zeros.

But in a MMO where the currency is digital those problems dont' exisit. We don't have a weight to our coin and we can carry a billion plat as easy as we can carry one.

In addition, inflation in the real world causes problems for wage earners as there is a lag in the time where wages catch up to prices. But in a MMO that doesn't exist. In fact, the cause of the rise in prices is a direct result of the increase in wages (more loot causes higher prices) so high prices doesn't hurt in a MMO because players are getting more loot.

The only people affected by inflation in a MMO are those brand new players with no currency. But those people aren't really hurt. You can solo easy enough and the coin rewards are enough so you're never hurting for money.

So I'm not sure why inflation is viewed as a problem in a virtual world.

Inflation is bad because it becomes yet another barrier to entry for new players.

All games have churn, which is the rate of incoming players to exiting players.  When your net churn is negative, you are bleeding players and your game is "declining".  This is where EQ2 is right now, despite the party line that "EQ2 is fine".

In the long run, new players are critical to success and growth.  More important, you need to retain those players and those players need to become part of the dedicated population.  They need to support your game with their dollars on an ongoing basis.

Inflation makes it less likely these players will do that.  Because of the design of our broker system, there is no "punishment" for listing an item at a price higher than it "should" really sell for.  Let's say I have the only copy of "Mystic_Spell_43_Master" on the broker.  It's a Level 22 spell.  I list it for 5 plat.  There is no penalty to me for that listing, I either sell it or not.  However, will a newly minted L22 Mystic be able to afford it?  No way.  I know that, but I don't care, because some veteran leveling an alt will go "5 Plat?  Sure, no problem".

Yes, it was good for me, I made my 5 plat.  But that new player?  Not really so good for him, right?  He got stuck with far less attractive options.

Inflation deters new players.  It's a rather hard to define, hard to quantify thing, but it most definitely does.

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