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Best way to kill a warden is to kill everyone else in their group first since 90% of the wardens ive grouped with cant group heal worth a [Removed for Content]. They can heal themselves amazingly well. Problem is everyone goes for the healer first which doesnt work against geared wardens. For all those huge warden parses out there look at their damage recieved. Big chunk of it is usually them just healing themselves.

I hate to agree on here but its the truth. Ive had some klakanon bgs yesterday and ofcourse both teams had their fair share of zerkers, brawlers and shadowknights. In one specific round were 2 brawler and 1 sk with + some others + a healing warden and i could hardly believe what i saw. I could burn down the tanks easily because of their lack of toughness gear but it was impossible to touch the healer. I dont remember if we actually managed to kill him once but we won the round by totally destroying his grp members who he couldnt keep up. Weird stuff happening nowdays in pvp.

Short and sweet.Well DUH??!?!  You could kill a poorly geared tank easier than the most overpowered healer class in BG/PVP combat?grats...........Edit: I can kill poorly geared druids in 1 or 2 auto attacks. It proves nothing. A toon with trash gear, played by a clueless noob, will be an easy kill. It is just a lot easier to excel with a warden than any other healer.

Lol, some of the posts here show a great lack of knowledge about the warden class. Its actually easier to heal the group in bg's cause with the taunts and group heals actually going further then single target, thats is what is cast. Spam group heals over and over and let the hot portions of them stack to keep the group up after the first half of the heal hit. Most healers will spend 90 percent of their time taunt locked if facing a knowledgable tank. Tranquility being nerfed was one of the big things that allowed wardens to survive since it cured and healed the smart warden who put it on himself.

Thats okay, most healers wont want to go to bg's now. I may go once in my full set of bg gear to see how bad it is in the next couple of days.

Its funny that most of the crying to get wardens and all healers nerfed were from dps classes who want to be able to one shot them, lol. They dont like to actually use stratagy to take down a tough group like coordinating attacks, picking weaker targets, talking to each other to coordinate debuffing/stunning with big attacks.

I know, no one wants to think or talk in the game any more. I have given up on any bg's using that though, but I dont cry nerf the clerics, tanks, scouts, and mages cause I cant kill them either, lol. Guess that is a scout/mage thing, lol.

Now your right about the toughness part. A warden cant ward or put a reactive to buy time like cleric or shaman can so any group member with poor gear will go down faster then regens can tick on them.

You wouldnt be taunt locked by a tank if you had a decent tank yourself. This is a grp game guys. Go widen your horizon allready, the amount of QQ is getting tired.

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