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tantric wrote:

Well I get a Kick out of Reading this stuff on Sat. while I'm sitting at work. I play a Wiz and I'm here to tell you that wardens are very killable.......I do it all the Time you just got to know how to turn the spit while you cook em. Dispal Magic is your friend adorn you gear and spec for Cast speed/reuse every time that DM is up you pop im again and then drop in Cease..........if he has frfiends around overheat him by using the group dots and hammer him with damage..get his head spinning trying to strip all the Dots and rush in drop a BoD+Fusion followed by Freehand  IC and whatever else you can slip in then watch the fireworks......I droppped the Same warden solo 4 times in a row on night in Ganak....She had good PVP gear and was from Nagafen but every time she hopped off the Respawn I had Storming tempest on her before she could hit the ground

so Quit Whinin about Wardens already and change the tactics you are using.

There may be one or two rare wardens out there who are tough nuts to crack solo but Gimme another good wiz and a some Power regen and will melt that Berg.

Who was this warden? Having PvP gear doesn't equate into being a good player, it's simple as that. Anyone can have PvP gear and still be terrible. My 85 alt with 130 AA has 6-8 pieces of it, and I'm far from "good" at it.

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