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I've never had problem taking too much aggro myself. No more than anyone else anyway. Than again I almost NEVER group with tanks I don't know.In any event that seems like a class problem and not something that should be 'patched' by using up something like AA or prestige abilities. I wish they would revamp Trick Shot as I have laid out several times before without it requiring us to use up points to do it.

We still have a massive lack of utility compared to our other top DPS brethren. Just in case the devs don't know: being able to range more than the other scouts != utility. I just don't want to be getting a class 'patch' or utility ability while other top DPS classes get a straight up DPS increase. This would certainly knock us down the DPS ladder while still leaving us inadaquate compared to other classes.

They seem to have the right idea when DoV came out as well subsequent tweaks and additions. Although I am still a little disappointed in 'Dexterous Attacks' increasing some of our melee CA's instead of ranged CA's by a bigger factor.

Basically what I still want, and a lot of others from what I hear:

-DPS to stay top tier

-Shifting DPS from melee abilites to our ranged ones (4 high DPS melee scouts seems like enough)

-More useful and player desired utility to match our predator brethren as well as other top DPS classes

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