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Tommara wrote:

But back on topic, I still think that the devs won't buy any solution that increases a ranger's ability to solo vs. assassin, so I don't think that anything that increases dps will be acceptable to them.  With that caveat, I'd like to see rangers get a hate transfer first.  Second would be some more utility, preferably some weakened version of abilities of our cousin scouts, the bards, and something useless to us solo (to increase chances of approval from the devs), such as a rez or mana regen.

If a dev said 'Well that would help with grouping for rangers and be balanced but it would make them too good at soloing' about an idea I would laugh right in their face at the sheer ignorance of that statement. It is incredibly shortsighted and unnecessary but unfortunately some things do seem to indicate they think that way.

The value of soloing is entirely dependent on how good those classes are soloing heroic content. This is because everyone can solo content that is meant for soloing. It's not like old school EQ1 where being able to solo at all was a big deal. There are MANY classes that solo heroic content better than rangers. Even more so with mercs being available if you want to call that soloing.

I don't think Rangers need more damage anyway. Hate transfers and "Raid or Group Friend" buffs would easily solve any 'increased soloing' concerns they might mistakenly have. The problem is coming up with utility with a 'ranger' flavor. Accuracy sounds good in concept but even the most hardcore players are a bit lost on how exactly accuracy works. Maybe it should be replaced with a flat chance to have a guaranteed melee hit, regardless of all defensive stats. Call it 'Truestrike' or something.

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