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If every class had to use just as many consumables I might see that as a reasonable trade off. As it is though, other classes get to work fully, not use as much consumables and keep those slots for CB or w/e else they want.

I'm still amazed they just haven't made it so handcrafted arrows can be made 2k at a time. More actual crafters would get money from arrows, instead of mostly BOTS (read:cheaters), and people wouldn't have to spend so much time doing mind-numbingly boring tasks. the only resource impact would be less time spent. People would still need to have just as many ingredients to make the same amount of arrows.

Have you seen the Guild Wars 2 crafting?  You push one button and it does as many combines as you have mats for in the span of a couple seconds.  They have no ammo in that game either and somehow the game still manages to be ridiculously fun.  Crafting in this eq2 is hideous.  Time sinks that serve no other purpose are terrible and this is a major one.

Your solution is fine.  The million other reasonable solutions that have been suggested are just as fine.  They just need to pick one and go with it.  Are there really any actual non-bot woodworkers left that would cry if ammo was gone?  It's a useless profession and you could very easily combine it with carpentry or give ww's a class change potion.

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