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Basically. Velious was great for us because our DPS finally met the bar. Which is kind of sad "YAY! we're adequate!"I think what we are missing is an indisputably 'good' group/raid buff. All the other T1 DPS classes have at least this. Stat buff, damage proc, hate xfer, etc.

All we bring is pathfinding (useless). Then our temp accuracy/hit chance. The devs can't even really explain how exactly it works as well as being seen as generally useless by the player base. the 'idea' of rangers giving more accuracy makes sense, unfortunately the buff itself isn't in demand and even if it was it only helps out melee characters while utility from other T1 DPS classes tends to help everyone one way or another.

I can think of tons of simple stuff that would work and not seem terribly overpowered but it seems like a waste of time when we aren't getting any feedback. Plus I'd prefer if the ability had 'ranger' flavor to it as well opposed to being bland. Anyway:

-Group AGI or pot or CB buff (boring).

-group damage proc (meh)

-group or raidwide range increase. Everyone being able to do everything at 5 more meters would be a big deal i think, at least on raids.

-Instead of screwing around with accuracy, weapon skill or hit bonus, chance to ignore the various defensive stats like resists and block. "25% chance for an otherwise resisted or avoided attack to land" Works on spells and CA's.

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