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Twyxx wrote:

Core Issue: Rangers are a t1 dps that has far less value to a raid than all the other t1s. 

  • Assassin: Hate transfer, assassin verdict proc, increased damage below 30%, health debuff, single target poison proc buff.
  • Beastlord: Feral--Group potency, crit bonus and a group-wide medium damage proc.  Add in the flexibility to go Spiritual--Large group potency/crit bonus buffs, power regen, healing.  Diff pets for situational flexibility.
  • Wizard: Str/Int group buffs, Ice Lash (large damage proc). 
  • Warlock: Heals, cures, power regen, hate transfer, Curse of Darkness (medium-large damage proc).
  • Conjuror: Call of the Hero, group stoneskins, power regen via shards, elemental toxicity (large damage proc).
  • Necromancer: Rez, heals, power regen via dark hearts, elemental toxicity (large damage proc), diff pets for situational flexibility (not sure how viable).
  • Ranger: Group accuracy temp buff, small temp group hate siphon buff. 

All these classes are capable of putting up at least as much dps as a ranger, but all bring far more value to their group/raid.  If you have any of the other t1s available it makes more sense to use one of them over a ranger assuming same gear/skill.  If you look at recruitment threads for the top 30 guilds (based on progression) you won't see a single one recruiting a ranger.  And of the top 10 guilds there are only 3 that are even using one. Since we bring nothing to the group we're constantly getting shorted on group setups, often being stuck in a mage group which we don't benefit and which doesn't maximize our abilities.  The assassin or beastlord get the more powerful off-tank group typically because of transfer (assassin) or  more dps/better use of buffs (beastlord).

Rangers either need to 1. be in a class by themselves with dps (by significantly boosting self-buffs) or 2. they need to be given utility to bring us in line with the other dps classes.  The disparity between assassins and rangers is the most discouraging.

Yep. All true. I suppose an argument could be made for some of those classes listed not being T1 but they have ALL challenged me on the parse or outright beat me even if it was situational/sporadic.

If DPS was a matter of balancing it against utility, Rangers should be destroying the parse by a far margin.

  • Melee Range: The entire idea of survivability through range is at least severely lessened when a very high DPS and low reuse CA requires melee range. I thank the devs every raid day our prestige abilities didn't just upgrade damage on more melee CA's again.
  • Replace Double Arrow.  If this was changed/upgraded at all I can't see how it could be worse. Terrible, terrible end line these days. This is another example of why these types of upgrades need to be percentage based, not raw point based.
  • Hawk: My problem with hawk is that it is group only. Hate transfers are inherently raid wide. Really they are 'who ever is hitting the main target' wide. Hate transfers boost the hate of the target against EVERYONE, relatively 'lowering' the hate of everyone but the person who has the buff. The hawk hate siphon only lowers the hate of the non-fighters in the group. Only way the hawk would be equal to any hate transfer but still lowering aggro is if it did some sort of raid wide, non-fighter deaggro that wasn't hindered by stat caps.
  • AMMO: At the very least it make it possible so players can create 'handcrafted' arrows in bulk like the dragon bone arrows. The current low yield version only serves to waste player time and give an advantage to people using crafting bots. Keeping it like it is I can only assume SoE wants crafting bots to have an advantage or they are ignorant of the situation. Anything else would be sadism or apathy.

Here are my thoughts for Trick Shot I laid out a while ago.

[email protected] wrote:

Trick Shot is terrible.

  • First you have to be lucky enough for the enemy in question to actually hit the intended tank. This can be sidetracked by the mob changing targets for the myriad of possible reasons or if your tank is a brawler who's entire job is to be an avoidance tank and not get hit by the mob, making this effect much harder to apply.
  • Second even IF you get past these problems, the effect it applies is roughly a 10 second hate gain buff you can't even maintain, it has to be repeatedly applied, and thus repeatedly getting through the problems listed before.
  • Third "Hate Gain" buff. Hate gain is OFTEN capped by tanks, making this effect useless in such cases.

So, you get it to actually apply, you stay on top of it so it's on MAYBE half the time, and it can still be a COMPLETE waste outside of the damage the attack itself does.

I propose the following changes to "Trick Shot":

  • First the effect should apply immediately to your target's target. E.G. I shoot an enemy with trick shot, and the enemies targeted player immediately gets the 'Blamed' buff, if fighter.
  • Second, keep the 10 second temporary nature of the buff, explained next.
  • Third change the hate gain buff to a hate transfer. This would keep in line with the intent of the overall hate effect the original Trick Shot and circumvent any 'hate gain' cap problems.

The hate transfer would only be up for 10 seconds when trick shot reuse is much higher (21 seconds with 42% reuse), is applied in an atypical manner (through target of target) and would need to be repeatedly applied. This opposed to a 'set it and forget it' typical hate transfer. For these reasons I think it is entirely reasonable the transfer amount be quite high. Possibly even approaching 50% if highest tier (level 87 version) and master quality.

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