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Tried to do this zone last night with two friends.  First bug we had was that two of us could not click the portal that moves you to the lower level after killing the group of three nameds in the mining area.  If it matters, the one who could click it was a guardian, and the two of us that couldn't were inq and coercer.  We were all using drumsui.

After we tinker called down, we couldn't get the crystal ring events to work properly.  The guardian and I were both able to click the crystal shapers up the ramp, but the coercer couldn't.  Only the guardian was able to click the polishers on the ground level.  Also, none of us had the crystal items in our bags at first.  After relogging, they appeared in our bags, but we were still unable to acquire the polished crystal no matter how many times we did the event.  Also, the mobs that appeared after selecting to polish the crystal were linked before we relogged, but unlinked afterwards.

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