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Your forgot to mention their mythical cure which is godly op.

But to answer your question~ No, there is absoutly no reason why anyone should roll a templar over an inquiz.

If your a non raider and just want to solo/do grps whatever..your going to want to rock an inquiz

If you want to raid~ Well not many guilds want a templar on their roster anymore~ So yeah Inquiz all the way

I have heard way to many storys of templars loosing their spots on raids, and seen way to many betray this xpac.

IMO~ They need to give templars alot more surviablity~ maybe another stoneskin, make shield ally only apart of the templar tree, or give them a second cure to regain there "need" on raids.

Untill either of those things happens~ the templar is just going to be a dying/dead class.

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