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Excuse me Please:

First off, I have been quite thoroughly impressed with the willingness of Developers to directly and in some cases, immediately assist players during the Beta, and even their responsiveness in the forums on non-Beta subjects.

Quite encouraging to me actually BigGrin

I am have recently learned something of the upcoming expansion, and would hope a Developer might assist me in understanding something:

My mystic [ ] has long since been served well by the following Purple Runes, and by extension, every group they have been in has been equally served well by having the healer thus protected:

Purple adornments
Adamant Defiance (Makes caster immune to Stun effects) [Ranged]
Blinding Gleam (Makes caster immune to Fear effects) [Primary]
Reification (Dispels 120 levels of any hostile effects on target) [Secondary]

Recently replaced Purple with a Yellow:
Adamant Resolve (Makes caster immune to Stifle effects) [Waist]

Might I receive assistance in understanding the reasoning behind the removal(s) and what options are/will be available to maintain the four listed Rune protections, at the same time. I do not understand why with the CD expansion, all purple runes are going to be stripped off, and casters are only going to be left with ONE choice, their waist, for the above listed protections.

Thank you kindly Developers, for the time taken to assist me in my lack of understanding,...
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