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First named: straightforward like in the solo-zone + need to cover more translucent gargoyles - worked fine.

Second named: with the change you can adjust more than one blade to match both sides way easier - worked fine.

Third named: damage increased quite hard on group the more lives that Phoenix lost, but was manageable with templar/defiler-combo - maybe needs pulsating damage tuned down a bit so a good solo-healer can manage it, depends how hard you want this zone to be - worked fine.

Fourth named: worked fine as well.

Last named: can up the threshold to spawn Avatar of the Sun from 90 to 95% - considered Sol Ro has lots of hitpoints and you just mash buttons, fight itself worked fine - although dead people who released zone couldnt come back clicking the teleporting brazier since they were dragged into the fight. Might want to change that, depending how harsh you want repercussions to play out if you died in the first place.

Trash: seemed to have less hitpoints than before - IF you plan to reduce it by another notch I`d say another 25% less and its absolutely fine.
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