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You can get a full set of the anchors again by dropping and re-taking the quest. Additionally you can wait about 5 minutes and ask the gnome engineers near Veris for additional anchors. They currently only give you two, but I actually see no reason not to have them give you a full set. That change should be in with the next patch.

I also recently made the NPCs deal more damage if surrounding a single target. I'll monitor that today and see if it made them more difficult than intended. Perviously, people were happily killing them without even placing their anchors.

Edit: The new spell was causing the Horde invaders to kill the physical anchors and the NPCs faster than intended. I buffed both of these up a bit. The Horde should still kill players attempting to tank the entire mess of them themself, but will no longer tear through the NPC tanks as quickly.

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