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I agree with the orginal post. I HATE when people take screen shots and I can not see the details because the details are whats most important. Monitors only make a difference when viewing the screenshot not when taking, however, as a rule of thumb if its dark on your monitor it will probably be dark on everyone else's.

One good way to get around this is profit UI. It has a night vision feature that brigthens up evething in a dark room. When I go to lavastorm for example everything is way to dark for my monitor but with a flip of a switch I can see everything again. I'm not saying its a perfect solution but its works really well.

Another way to make a difference is to check the in game time of day. Night vs. Day does matter even in the homes. Taking pictures during the day may seem like it only makes a little difference but for the people viewing your pictures it can make a larger difference.

Anyways thats my little rant on how to take good screenshots for those who are trying to better themselves and their work. SMILEY


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