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Magic Wand wrote:
People who cancel their accounts can't post in these forums. I know because I really did quit once.
All these people who post here to say they quit couldn't possibly have quit. Their accounts are still active.

[Removed for Content] very untrue, my account is canceled my friend..   Any DEVS reading this have my permision to answer this. I would urge anyone else who has a canceled account to post here and let this guy know you can still post with a cenceled account, my account is canceled it just doesnt close till the end of the billing period. Which is next month on the 13th.. So I can still log in if I wanted but I am done with the game and to the above post above you I did log back in after canceling account, I loged in on the 18th and asked 4 guildmembers whats up thats how I got the news, normally we had 40+ on during the peek hours so it must been true with only 4 online during that time.
You all asume that because you canceled account you couldn't log in or post here but now that I cleared that up you are now informed about how cancelations work. If you cancel it will ask you cancel now and forfiet any remaining time or close at end billing cycle. I choose at end billing cycle just incase someone who wanted to buy my account needed any further info on items charcters stats that I may have forgot. So with that out the way good luck to you all. I think I may just give this account to my cousin, so now he would have 2 accounts hehe. Anyway I dont see how just because you have posts previously that that calls for such arrogance and a flame to someone else? [FAAR-NERFED!] you guys are weak.
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