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Your quote;
"I canceled my account also but when I loged in to say hi and get ICQ AIM names evryone had quit and was offline since FEB 17.."
You make the statement that you quit on the 18th, then make the statement above that everyone had quit the day before. As i and others pointed out your story sounds fishy. Its unlikely that- A: they were very good friends if you didn't have icq or e-mail for any of them or B: That the all without a word quit the day before you.
My guess is you knew if you posted here "I Quit," you knew no one would care, but by claiming a large guild all quit at the same time would have an impact. As for age i'm 53 and haven't lived with Mommy and Daddy for a very long time. If you really want to talk age your post sounds like a little kid whining.
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