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I don't really think it's supposed to be balanced so that a level 30 stands a chance against a level 89. The goal was to narrow the gap enough so that all lower level players could play together without it being completely ridiculous and pointless. So maybe 2-3 level 30s in full pvp gear can take out a level 89 warden or inquisitor or whatever. I'd call that fair.

Yes. The idea wasn't to make level locking at 39 to be the ideal way to be "powerful" in battlegrounds. It was just put in place to give lower level and lesser geared players a fighting change. However, with today's update level 39s should get a slightly better deal and bolster up better. While they will not likely be able to go toe to toe with an equally skilled high geared level 80+, they should be able to put up a better fight now.

The battlegrounds should be a reasonable good way to level up and earn AA and get some gear along the way.

And we have not forgotten the T4 crew. We are still working on more improvements!


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