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redwoodtreesprite wrote:

So, how do you tell which posted first, or what each poster's approach to posting is? 

The one that posted for 13p99g might like to post for that type of price, and might even have posted others for that price for quite a while.  While the one that posted for 14p might like a simpler even pricing, and might have just started posting that item.

The only thing I don't like is when someone buys up all of a particular item, like a collection piece, and then reposts it one at a time for a way overpriced amount, creating a false value to it.  For example, when I first started playing I used to post all the striped butterflies for 25 silver each.  And suddenly one person bought everyone of the blue striped ones that were posted by anyone at the broker, and then posted them one at a time for 25 gold.  And everytime I posted more at 25 silver, that same person bought them.  I finally responded by raising the price of all my striped butterflied to one gold each, and that stopped that nonsense.  But this sort of thing is done by some players pretty regularly.

Supply was there, but people priced too cheap and allowed someone else to control it.

For some, the broker game is as much fun as the adventure/crafting/housing game. If you knew someone was doing that, why stop at 1g? Put them up at 20g and see what that person does...or if it sells...


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