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Banditman wrote:

For a Mystic, you need the following raids (minimum):

Execution Throne Room (Pawbuster)

Venril Sathir's Lair (Venril Sathir)

Chamber of Destiny (Leviathan)

Veeshan's Peak (Hoshkar {wing two boss})

Getting to 90 will not be any faster with your Mythical than it will with the Fabled.  If you are grouping, the Fabled is more than adequate to your needs.  If you are solo'ing, a long delay 2 hander will serve you far, far better than either the Mythical or the Fabled epic weapon.

Bear in mind the raid mobs have been made far easier over the last year. PB can be a x2 for the difficulty it presents. VS no longer has the fail conditions it once did and VP can now be cleared in any order you like, you no longer need to clear wing 1 to progress to wing 2 etc. Heck you could even clear it by working backwards from the Trakanon zone in.


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