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not enough stories happen ... and when u look at KA and PoP .. lot's of stuff stay unfinished

1 - never really had an ending with the elves. the 3 guys on the tower allow us to go around but they want to understand how we managed to come back but we never see them again

2 - Tserina silor ... just disappeared. She was there at start of KA, then ... she doesn't even fight for her goddess. We have the shaman which becomes terris thule but tserrina just disappeared (why not in arcanna se since they kind of invaded it)

3 - in PoP .. what did become of terris thule ? we never saw her again

but this time the signature line feels really unfinished. .. even though I hated the way lanys dd, at least there was an ending ... here .. yeah we fight Najena but it oesn't seem like she should be the biggest problem and she wasn't our first objective. Our objective is still to free Druzzil. But no, we fight Najena and it's over ... and then we go kill mobs we have no idea of who they are and why we kill them ...
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