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Dasein wrote:
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Freliant wrote:
Giralus wrote:
Why they don't just make some raid zones Created for 30 or 36 players instead of 24 ,

a 36 person raid on the other hand could be much more interesting with 5/6 tanks, 10 healers,6 bards, and dps/mezz classes .

Actually... why not just fill the remaining 12 spots with dps increasing classes SMILEY

 ; )  becuase the Dev's could actualy make Raids that you would need all the Tank's there to pick up add's or they would Squish the Dp's classes and one or 2 MT's could not handle 3 names with 10 adds all at one time or they also would go Squish ; )

 the current raid encounters are 99% made up for 1 Tank ,  and thats the reason that any more then 2 Tanks in a raid is pointless ,    More people in a raid = more flexablity with the design of the raid encounters to Give reasons to have more then 2 tanks in raid's and not allow it to be just 12 more Dps classes OR DPS Increasing classes if done correctly

P.S. didnt Sk's lose there Strength buff ? so we didnt get a Boost we just got a Trade off

All of that could be done while keeping the raid size at 24.

Your right thats why in 3 years , we still dont have a raid that more then 2 tanks is needed and almost every raid can be done with 1 tank ; )

yes it can be done with 24 classes, but with the current way the classes are set up, and the focal point of the game being DPS, even when the devs attempt to make content like this , usualy Raider's just come up with a stratagy to still utilize 1 or 2 tank's. 

and i didn't say that Every raid needed to be changed to allow more classes ( and im sure raiding guilds that have a 25 person roster wouldn't be very happy that they would need to reruit 12 more poeple : )

it was just a suggestion for maybe a Few raid zones, 1 or 2 to allow Guilds with more then 24 people to allow all of there members to raid regardless of class( and im sure Elite raid guild's could clear these zones with 24 OR Less people anyway : )

so what if they created 1 zone that allowed you to take 5 groups instead of 4 but it could be cleared by a Hardcore guild with 4 groups and would still be challanging for a 5 group of casual players ? i don't see any harm in it ,  Hardcore guilds can clear easy raids now with 3 or less groups that casual raiders cant clear with 4 full groups ( So IMO it's the same differance 4 or 5 groups except it allows more people into Raids)

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