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Giralus wrote:
Freliant wrote:
Giralus wrote:
Why they don't just make some raid zones Created for 30 or 36 players instead of 24 ,

a 36 person raid on the other hand could be much more interesting with 5/6 tanks, 10 healers,6 bards, and dps/mezz classes .

Actually... why not just fill the remaining 12 spots with dps increasing classes SMILEY

 ; )  becuase the Dev's could actualy make Raids that you would need all the Tank's there to pick up add's or they would Squish the Dp's classes and one or 2 MT's could not handle 3 names with 10 adds all at one time or they also would go Squish ; )

 the current raid encounters are 99% made up for 1 Tank ,  and thats the reason that any more then 2 Tanks in a raid is pointless ,    More people in a raid = more flexablity with the design of the raid encounters to Give reasons to have more then 2 tanks in raid's and not allow it to be just 12 more Dps classes OR DPS Increasing classes if done correctly

P.S. didnt Sk's lose there Strength buff ? so we didnt get a Boost we just got a Trade off

All of that could be done while keeping the raid size at 24.
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