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IMO Pallies and Sk's have gotten a Junk buff that does one thing and one thing only , Cement's them into a secondary role in any Raid , and pushed Guardian's and Berzerker's even more into the position of MT.

i would say there are More Guardains and Berserkers then there are SK's but yet they don't get a New buff like every other tank class just did that helps them get a spot in raid if not Mt

 Whats the arguement " Who should we use as Raid MT ?"  Answer "thats easy a Guard or a Zerker they dont get extra buffs to help the raid, there Sole purpose is to TANK "

 Currently Bruiser or Monk don't tank raids , and Very FEW guilds use a SK or Pally MT , with this change it just gives even more reason to never ever use a monk/bruiser/sk/pally as a Raid MT.

Why they don't just make some raid zones Created for 30 or 36 players instead of 24 , IMO the reason that Alot of people dont get a raid spot is there are just 2 few spots to fill,  not many guild's have 6 to 12 extra people wanting to raid of only Dps or healer classes  SMILEY

 24 people raids dont allow alot of room for creativity on the Dev's part, there is only so much you can do with a raid that need's only 1 Tank(possibly 2), 6 healers,4bards and DPS/mezz classes

a 36 person raid on the other hand could be much more interesting with 5/6 tanks, 10 healers,6 bards, and dps/mezz classes

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